Wetline Kits

Buffalo Industries is your premier supplier in Winnipeg for any type of Wetline Kit.  We can supply complete wetline kits or individual components such as Power Take-Off units, Control Valves, Pumps, Filters, Reservoirs (Tanks) or Hydraulic Hose and Fittings depending on your specific needs.  Our team of experienced technicians can guide you with expert advice on what you're looking for and help in the complete process from installation, servicing and parts repairs and service.  

We supply kits from quality manufacturers such as Parker, Chelsea, Metaris, Gresen, Geartek, Morse, and Buyers.  We keep a ready supply on hand in inventory so you can be assured of availability when you need it the most.  

Complete Offering of Wetline Kits, Subkits and Componenets Available

  • PTO's
  • Pumps
  • Consoles & Controls
  • Cylinders
  • Air Kits
  • Reservoirs (Poly, Steel and Aluminum)
  • Hose Kits
  • Hose, Fittings, Adapters
  • Filters
  • Other Accessories - Contact Us on Availability  

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Other options are available, including kits for dual pressure/multi-trailer use systems.  Various hydraulic reservoirs, including upright, saddle mount and frame mount types are available in steel, aluminum and poly manufacture.  A wide variety of reservoir capacity choices are available.  All are multi-ported to accomodate suction, return line options and include vented fill caps and internal baffles.  

Many controls are also available, ranging from the standard air controls (included with PTO and Dump Pump), generally dash mounted to integrated air PTO/Hoist control heads and varying height consoles for cab floor mounting.

We can also assemble kits to accomodate your special requirements.  Contact us today for more information on our Wetline Kit offerings.